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Welcome To My Site! Hi, I’m Keyi (Thea) Chang, I’m proud to introduce my new production company “Hearts On Fire Productions”. For the past 15 years I’ve had the honor of being a part of the entertainment and media industries, covering print media, TV and radio. Now I’ve established a brand new production company that services the entire San Francisco Bay Area. The name “Hearts On Fire” comes from the name of the most perfectly cut diamond. As a production company we provide the highest quality content for our clients. From conceptual design, creative direction, to full scale video and audio production, our team will provide the highest level of production that will make your brand and image shine!
Precious Moments Life is so short. In the hustle and bustle of each day, we need to do our best to find time for family and ourselves. I do my best to balance work and home life by reminding myself of the things that truly matter most. What matters most to me is my family! My beautiful children brighten my day and allow me to relive my childhood through their eyes.  Everything that I do, I do for my family, my kids, my husband, my friends and all of my loved ones.  Perspective is key and enjoying the moments that matter the most in life is a precious gift not to be taken for granted!
The Family Throughout my life I have traveled a great deal and have had the great honor of meeting countless people from around the globe. As a young teenager I lived in Hawaii for some time and during that time I began to gain greater perspective on life and the beauty of it. Due in part to my parents loving relationship with, I too gained an understanding of how love must be the cornerstone in raising children and managing a family.  It’s through love we can achieve understanding, and in our understanding of each other, we can reach new heights of happiness as a family; values that are integral to the development of our children, our future leaders!
心之火傳媒 你好,我是張克怡。很高興帶大家認識,心之火傳媒, Hearts on Fire Production. 在過去的十多年,我投身於電視、報紙及廣播節目等多媒體。身分也由新聞記者、主播轉换為節目主持人及製作人。 你知道Hearts on Fire代表最完美切割的鑽石嗎?我們將為您量身訂作最適合的創意廣告,讓您和您的品牌成為眾人的焦點,光彩奪目.
Kids Corner This section of my site is dedicated to my two beautiful children Kylen and Kylie.  Here I will share some of their thoughts and words with you.  We can learn a lot from children.  I most definitely learn new things from my kids each day. They keep me on my toes but they are both bundles of joy whom I cherish more than anything in the world.  So come back from time to time and see what the kids are up to, who knows, we all might learn something!

At half moon bay, you can check out Arata’s pumpkin farm and spend an enjoyable day with the entire family!  Also, make sure to visit Montara Lighthouse near Half Moon Bay. The scenery is beautiful and you can spend the day or weekend at their convenient and friendly hostile. It’s an affordable way to travel and spend a cozy night with your family and friends.

By the way listen to this past Wednesday’s show right here!

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